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Amazon Games: Solving a Localization Puzzle

Amazon Games sells their games in different countries and languages means they will also be promoted in those countries and languages. So, the trailer, ads an all other marketing material had to be localized to accommodate different markets and languages. Together with Layer Media, who produced the trailer and ads, we investigated what needed to be localized. For some countries that means changing everything from voice-over to titles and captions. For others localization of visual information…

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Hill’s Pet: From 1 to 15 Markets in No Time

We have helped Hill's Pet produce and localize a lot of video and animation content. This time they needed to have a retail instruction video localize for 15 different markets in under a month. A short timeline like in this case is challenging, but not impossible. We found the solution in creating a workflow that resembles waterfall project management. Starting by translating the first scripts and casting voice actors while translation was in process. In the meantime we used provided assets to…

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Empire State Building Maintenance Training Video

The inside of the Empire State Building has been completely redesigned, creating an even more engaging experience. To instruct the building's maintenance personnel on how to access certain parts of experiences, they needed a series of training videos produced. This project gave us two challenges: Very little information before shooting; The building is only closed between 2AM and 8AM... The solution to get around the absence of upfront information and short "workday", was to turn the production…

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SC Johnson: interactive HTML5 & video banners for Glade

SC Johnson's (former) agency BBDO approached us about their challenge: they needed a banner campaign for their brand Glade in Southeast Asia. The banner campaign needed to work on multiple platforms: from social media to various websites, and also run on YouTube. All banners needed to have motion and be localized for various markets: Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. Translations were to be provided by our team. The solution we used was to design the banners as if they were…

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Shell Recharge Solutions: Increasing ROI

Shell Recharge Solutions' support desk was experiencing a high request volume from maintenance personnel, who needed help with specific knowledge around setting up and configuring EV charging units. They needed a solution that would reduce the number of requests and thus save money. We had a solution for this problem right away: interactive video. Video can easily visualize solutions for the most common questions and problems in a very clear way. By making video interactive, personnel can…

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Interxion Ciena: Visualizing the Invisible

Interxion and Ciena introduced a new service: Metro Connect Managed Wave. This service provides a connection between data centers using fiber optics technology. With MCMW server requests can be directed to a different data center to prevent overload. This service has a specific target audience that looks for very specific details. So, the challenge was: how do you communicate very technical information in an engaging way? Our solution was to produce videos that both show and tell what this…

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Hill’s Pet: Video Redesign

Hill’s Pet updated their brand design recently and was looking for a different approach to their video content. Their brand design changed to having a flat approach. Previous videos and animations all had a concept where humor played a very important role. Our task was to develop a new style and direction for more serious stories. That gave us a really great challenge. The solution was to focus more on explaining the workings behind the food, benefits and results. For the new style direction we…

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