Amazon Games: Solving a Localization Puzzle

The Client

Amazon, the company that sells pretty much everything, also publishes games. Two of their games are coming out later this year, or in the course of next year. Both games are sold worldwide in a lot of different countries and come in different languages.

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The Challenge

Amazon Games sells their games in different countries and languages means they will also be promoted in those countries and languages. So, the trailer, ads an all other marketing material had to be localized to accommodate different markets and languages.

The Solution

Together with Layer Media, who produced the trailer and ads, we investigated what needed to be localized. For some countries that means changing everything from voice-over to titles and captions. For others localization of visual information was enough. The final step was to develop a workflow that works.

LA local reel thumb Spanish

The Result

Our combined efforts resulted in the production of close to 1,000 localized deliverables! Each localized video came in different versions for different platforms, from YouTube to Facebook and multiple ad delivery platforms. The campaigns ran on Twitch, YouTube, social media, various websites and reached millions of gamers worldwide.

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1.5 weeks

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10+ markets

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50+ versions

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900+ deliverables


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