Video Production

In today’s world everyone is watching video, and probably has created a video, either professionally or with their phone. Video production is the process of producing video from ideation to delivery. Video production is generally divided into three phases: pre-production, production and post-production.

In the pre-production phase the concept and script are created. Once those are approved, all preparations are done. Think of casting (voice) talent, scouting locations, securing permits, planning shooting days, informing crew and much more. Then the actual shoot happens. This is the phase that is actually called production. All material that is captured during the shoot is then edited in the post-production phase.

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How we can help you

The most important step in video production is figuring out why you need a video, so what the goal is and what you need to tell. Even if you have a solid video strategy developed beforehand, it is still important to ask these questions.

Once we determined the goal, in collaboration with you and your team, we can guide you through the entire video production process. We can help with a variety of types, wether you need a high level brand video, more general corporate video, or a more specific type like a product video, explainer video, or case video.

Our process

The process always starts with a kick-off session where we discuss the goal, audience, preferred style, your ideas and input. The production process is partly determined by the desired style, outcome and scope of the video:

– Pre-production

  • Concept & Script
  • Casting
  • Shoot planning and preparation

– Production
– Post-production

  • Editing
  • Visual effects and animation
  • Audio editing and mixing
  • Color grading

– Delivery

Based on the scope of the video, these steps vary.
For agencies: we can function as an integral part of your team and focus on just the capabilities you don’t have in-house.

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