About Studio Fets

Who we are

Studio Fets is an award winning video agency that helps businesses market complex products and services with simple storytelling with a global reach and local focus. Our focus has gained appreciation of businesses and B2B agencies in tech, biotech, the pharmaceutical industry and companies that take a more scientific approach to marketing. We always strive to find the human connection in complex information. Because ultimately your customer is still a fellow human being.

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NYX Statuette Gold Awards

Our promise

We strive to increase business success by marketing complex products and services with simple stories that have a global impact on local level.

  • We take ownership
  • We take a personalized approach
  • We solve problems
  • We go the extra mile (or pixel)
  • We offer local solutions with global reach


Stef Prein founded Studio Fets over 10 years ago from his bedroom in Utrecht, the Netherlands. With a background in motion design he started helping businesses tell their story.

Overtime the demand grew. To accommodate the growth we build a network of partners we work with. This agile approach enables us to take on big and small projects, while keeping overhead in check.

When a New York based agency gained interest, things started to accelerate. Within a few years Studio Fets got a presence in the US and we developed a network of partners. Enabling us to not only work on a specific continent, but create a 24/7 production pipeline.

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