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Training and instruction videos are an excellent way to train and instruct your employees in new skills, or to improve their knowledge. There are a number of advantages to using a training video over other training methods. First, training video(s) can be accessed at any time, which means employees can learn at their own pace. Second, training videos can be paused and rewatched as needed, so employees can review key concepts as needed. Third, training video(s) can be tailored to specific learning styles, making them more effective for all employees. Finally, training videos can be easily shared within a company, so everyone can benefit from the training. When used correctly, training videos are an invaluable tool for training and instructing your employees in new skills.

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Training video options

A training video, or instruction videos can come in different forms: (live action) video, animation, or interactive video. Live action training videos are filmed using real people and equipment. This type of video is typically used to demonstrate procedures or processes that need to be followed in order to complete a task.
An animated training video uses either 2D or 3D graphics to explain complex concepts or processes that cannot be easily represented using live action footage.
An interactive training video (video and/or animation) is designed to encourage learning through quizzes and questions. Those can be integrated into the video content. Interactive video is an excellent format for training and instruction videos. It lets the user select specific content and information. And this format adds the ability of creating an extra layer for quizes and questionnaires to test a user’s knowledge on the fly.
No matter what form they take, training videos are an essential tool for conveying information and promoting learning.

How we can help you

While training videos are a fantastic way to engage your employees and ensure that they are up to date with the latest information and procedures, the production process can be complex and time consuming. We offer end-to-end solutions, from initial concept development and script writing, to post-production and delivery. A tailor-made approach is another option that we offer, that fit your in-house training department. Our proven process fits most corporate training needs and budgets for mid-size companies and up.

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