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Video and animation are highly effective ways to showcase and explain a product or service. A product video easily communicates a product’s essence and its features and benefits. while an explainer video or animation, can communicate a (complex) process, system, or services in a short period of time.

Both the product video and explainer video (or animation) are a perfect communication tool for tech, biotech and pharmaceutical companies. In most case technical products and services are not easy to understand for a large part of the population. Visualizing and explaining those products and services with video and animation can make them easier to understand. On top of that video is very easily accessible for a large number of the population and generally people have very low resistance to watching a video.

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How we can help you

Our creatives have 20 years worth of experience explaining technical products and services. The product videos and explainer animations we create always incorporate a relatable story that speaks to your audience and has a strong focus on the human factor of your product or service. We know how to break through the complexity and communicate in ways that your audience will quickly understand. Time is a factor in a world were a people too many things they can focus on and too much content that all wants their attention. It is not just about time, but also about making your products and services stick in their minds, so they will remember them for a longer period of time.

Our process

The process product videos follows our standard video production workflow. That workflow may vary, for example if motion graphics or visual effects are part of a video production. This could be the case for a product video in which a complex product is shown. Product videos could also be fully 3D animated, if that gets the message across in a better way. More information on our video production process can be found here.

The production process of an explainer animation follows that of a 2D or 3D animation. An explainer animation can include live-action (filmed) video elements, or be part of a explainer video that is mostly live-action video. This depends on the concept of the video and what you want to achieve with it. More information on our 2D animation production process can be found here. For 3D animation go here.

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