Worldline Valina EV Charging

We created this animation for Worldline to introduce a new payment solution for EV charging based on their Valina terminal. The problem with EV charging is that all providers have their own subscription model and cards that come with it. On top of that payments happen once at the end of every month. Wouldn’t it be better if you could pay using your debit or credit card and make a direct transaction? Valina makes this a reality.
Worldline needed a solution to communicate their solution. The sales team came with an example for the European market: if you travel from Norway to the south of Portugal in your electric vehicle you would need 16 passes to charge your car along the way. That became the premise of this video. Comparing the ease of using one card, that you use on a daily basis anyway, with having to carry around 16 different passes, shows the pain of the problem.
Animation was the right choice for this project. It enabled us to show the solution in action – most charge points still use old systems and traveling is still an issue – and use a charge point from EV charging company Alfen. Alfen is a partner in this project, along with Maxem and MasterCard.

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