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In today’s business world, the human resources department plays a vital role in the success of an organization. From recruitment and training to onboarding and employee communications, hr professionals like you are responsible for a wide variety of tasks. While hr departments have traditionally relied on print materials and in-person meetings to get the job done, there is an increasingly important role for video. Video is an extremely effective tool for hr professionals, providing you a unique way to engage employees and promote your organization’s culture.

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Video and HR

Video can be used in a number of ways to improve your hr processes. For example, video can be used for training employees on new policies and procedures. Video can also be used to onboard new hires, giving them a chance to see the office and meet their new colleagues before their first day on the job. In addition, video can be used as a communication tool, allowing leaders to share updates and announcements with the entire staff. When used the right way, video is a powerful tool for hr departments.

By adding localization to the mix,  you can use one video can reach a global workforce with easy. Having to only translate and changing a few elements of a video saves a lot of time and has a positive effect on your bottom line, as well.

How we can help you

Video is a really effective tool for communication with your employees. We offer end-to-end solutions, from initial concept development and script writing, to post-production and delivery. A tailor-made approach is another option that we offer, that we can adjust to fit to your development processes. We help develop and produce video for (internal) communication, training, onboarding, leadership communication, policy, and much more. Depending on the need videos can be filmed or animated and localized for use in global (home) offices.

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