Our world is increasingly more connected. We watch content produced in different countries and purchase goods and services from around the globe. While this is a great development, it comes with some obstacles. The biggest being language and culture. Most countries have their own unique language and cultural differences can cause issues. Localization helps to overcome those obstacles.

When hearing “localization” most people think of translation. People in different countries and regions often don’t just speak a different language, they interpret things differently. Simply translating text is often not enough.

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Localization & transcreation

Localization goes beyond translation. The process of localization considers how communication is different from language to language and region to region. It takes elements into account like cultural differences, humor, how a product is perceived, and much more.

We can take localization even a step further and go into transcreation. Because visual communication has to be translated, as well. Colors have distinct meanings in different cultures and countries, products may have a different look, and may come in different variants, too. That is where localization becomes transcreation.

Video localization

Localization and transcreation for video means adapting both audible and visual information. The script (or voice-over) needs to be translated and recorded in the appropriate language(s). Then the recorded audio needs to be edited into the video to match the timing and possibly movements of mouths (lip-syncing).

The visual information needs to be translated as well, as edited into the video. This ranges from on-screen text to package shots, local information, and potentially the look and feel of certain elements in a video. As a last step, the newly recorded voice-over needs to be mixed with music, sound effects and potential ambient sound.

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How we can help you

We offer both end-to-end and tailor-made solutions for video localization and transcreation. We can take everything out of your hands from strategy, translation and recording, to the entire post-production process.
Tailor-made solutions enable our team to jump on board where needed. We can take your plan and execute outlined activities, or help fill potential gaps and be a part of your existing team.

We offer the following services:

  • Strategy and planning
  • Voice casting and recording
  • Script translation and localization (including transcription and timecoding)
  • Subtitling (open caps & closed caps)
  • Transcreation (adjusting on-screen text, elements, replacing product shots, etc.)
  • Project & Talent management

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