Hill's Pet: From 1 to 15 Markets in No Time

The Client

Since 1948 Hill’s Pet has researched and developed specialized food for cats and dogs to support their health. Hill’s Pet food is based on scientific research. For example, they were the first to develop a full-scale image of a cat’s microbiome. Hill’s Pet is part of the Colgate-Palmolive Company’s family of CPG brands.

Hills Pet logo

The Challenge

We have helped Hill’s Pet produce and localize a lot of video and animation content. This time they needed to have a retail training video produced and localize¬†for 15 different markets in under two months. A short timeline like in this case is challenging, but not impossible.

The Solution

We found the solution in creating a workflow that resembles “collapsed waterfall” project management. Starting by translating the first scripts and casting voice actors while translation was in process. In the meantime we produced the English version of the video, that would form the basis of the localization process. Before finishing the video we started recording voice-overs in different languages, so we would be ready for editing localized versions once the English video was finished.

The Result

We were able to deliver the videos in under two months. By collapsing the entire production process, we managed to save a lot of time. One could say this project was produced in no time, in time for the roll-out to Hill’s Pet’s European retail partners.


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