TomTom: Production at Lightning Speed

The Client

TomTom is one of the first creators of GPS navigation systems for commercial use. Since the mid 90s TomTom has been working on navigation and mapping technology. Over the years the focus has shifted from navigation products for consumers to fleet management and autonomous driving technology.

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The Challenge

TomTom’s technology is new and it’s relevant. To stay relevant, communication efforts it needs to happen right now. That gave us a challenge: how can we produce great video content in a very short amount of time? Traditional production processes come with an estimated timeframe. That “old” way of working wasn’t going to cut it for TomTom.

The Solution

The solution we used was to collapse the production process. Having teams in different time zones enabled us to build a 24/7 production pipeline. Teams handed projects of to teams in different time zone and delivered versions for review in the morning, for the client to review. That enabled us to shorten timelines and meet even tighter deadlines.

The Result

We were able to meet really tight deadlines, deliver content well before an event started, all while maintaining a high level of quality. Working this way we produced a variety of engaging marketing videos for TomTom’s booth at TechCrunch Disrupt Festival, product videos showcasing self-driving technology and brand videos tell the story of TomTom’s future and much more.


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