Interxion Ciena: Visualizing the Invisible

The Client

Digital Realty owned Interxion is one of the largest data center companies in Europe with over 50 data centers in 13 cities. Their network partner Ciena is one of the, if not the largest provider of connectivity in the world. Think of sub-marine fiber optics cables, 5G network technology and Data Center Interconnectivity (DCI).

Interxion a digital realty company Ciena logo
Inside an Interxion Data Center in Amsterdam

The Challenge

Interxion and Ciena introduced a new service: Metro Connect Managed Wave. This service provides a connection between data centers using fiber optics technology. With MCMW server requests can be directed to a different data center to prevent overload. This service has a specific target audience that looks for very specific details. So, the challenge was: how do you communicate very technical information in an engaging way?

The Solution

Our solution was to produce videos that both show and tell what this service entails. Highlighting the benefits, details, and unique selling points MCMW has to offer. Show how this service connects data centers and focus on visualizing as many of the details as clearly as possible, using a visual style that appeals to the specific audience and localized for different markets right of the bat.

Interxion Ciena connection map

The Result

For a service like Metro Connet Managed Wave it’s important to know what your target audience is looking for and wants to hear. The result is a video campaign that breaths “tech” in both look and feel, and, most importantly, has a strong focus on the most technical details of the service.


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