Empire State Building Maintenance Training Video

The Client

The Empire State Realty Trust holds commercial real estate in and around New York City. One of their buildings – the “World’s Most Famous Building” – is one of NYC’s iconic landmarks: the Empire State Building. Famous for its design, views, stature and inside experiences. The building  originally opened in April 1931 and has withstood the test of time.

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The Challenge

The inside of the Empire State Building has been completely redesigned, creating an even more engaging experience. To instruct the building’s maintenance personnel on how to access certain parts of experiences, they needed a series of training videos produced. This project gave us two challenges:

  1. Very little information before shooting;
  2. The building is only closed between 2AM and 8AM…

The Solution

The solution to get around the absence of upfront information and short “workday”, was to turn the production workflow completely on its head. We created a very tight schedule for the shoots, that were spread over several nights. The main challenge was to figure out scripts while shooting and editing and recording voice-overs using those scripts. Then going back into the edits, to finish the videos.

The Result

We were able to make a very tight shooting schedule work, while figuring out the information and story for each video. Some nights we shot multiple videos, some nights we only shot half a video… This resulted in a series of maintenance training/instruction videos that the Empire State Building can use to instruct and train their maintenance personnel on location, or even from home, and for years to come.


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