Hill's Pet: Video Redesign

The Client

Longtime video and animation client Hill’s Pet produces science backed food for cats and dogs. Their food solutions focus on problems your furry friend may face such as obesity, kidney problems, or digestive issues. Hill’s Pet is a part of the Colgate-Palmolive family of brands.

Hills Pet logo
HillsPet frame

The Challenge

Hill’s Pet updated their brand design recently and was looking for a different approach to their video content. Their brand design changed to having a flat approach. Previous videos and animations all had a concept where humor played a very important role. Our task was to develop a new style and direction for more serious stories. That gave us a really great challenge.

The Solution

The solution was to focus more on explaining the workings behind the food, benefits and results. For the new style direction we looked at technology companies and adopted some of their design language. To bring an emotional connection to the scientific approach, we used a mix of graphic animation and live action shots of pets.

Hills Pet Nutrigenomics frame 01

The Result

The result is a video format combining live action video and motion graphics animation. This combination can be used in various ways and to tell different stories. It is setup in a way that enables localization for Hill’s Pet’s different markets. This template will serve as a basis for future videos and formats.


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