SC Johnson: interactive HTML5 & video banners for Glade

The Client

SC Johnson is one of the big CPG companies that has a strong focus on sustainable products. They produce and sell products that are more eco friendly. This ranges from household products like cleaning detergent, to home storage, to lifestyle brands and even professional products.

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The Challenge

SC Johnson’s (former) agency BBDO approached us about their challenge: they needed a banner campaign for their brand Glade in Southeast Asia. The banner campaign needed to work on multiple platforms: from social media to various websites, and also run on YouTube. All banners needed to have motion and be localized for various markets: Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. Translations were to be provided by our team.

The Solution

The solution we used was to design the banners as if they were slide shows. That way we could keep the overall design consistent across all different versions and file-types. For Facebook and Instagram carousel images were needed, as well. Those formed the basis for the slide show approach. For social media and YouTube videos were created and for website banners we created animated interactive HTML5 banners.

The Result

The result is a banner package that has all versions for the various platforms and websites available and in all desired languages for the campaign. All versions across different file-types and use have the same look and messaging. The animated interactive HTML5 banners come in a variety of sizes and aspect ratios that are different for each market and exactly fit the use for that specific market.

Animated interactive HTML5 banners

For the different markets we produced a set of animated interactive HTML5 banners that are specific for that market. Not all versions were created for all markets. We produced banners varying in size from 300×250, 468×60, to 970×250 and more. We also produced vertical banners with sizes like 120×600, 160×600 and 300×600.

Click on an image below to view the animated HTML5 banner (opens in a new tab).

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2 weeks

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4 markets

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20 versions

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60+ deliverables


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