Microsoft CELA Sizzle Reel

At the end of the year it is time to look back on all the accomplishments and things that happened that year. Microsoft’s CELA (Corporate, External, and Legal Affairs) department had a lot of celebrate and wanted to create a sizzle reel video to enable everyone in the company to look and look back at CELA’s accomplishments.

Microsoft CELA Sizzle Reel still 01

Together with agency partner WE Worldwide we created the concept for an animated sizzle reel. Within a very short timeline the script was written, which changed a few times during the production stage, and the entire production process was accomplished.

Due to the script changes, the length of the video and some sections changed during the production process. To make a short timeline and changes during production work, we designed a dynamic production process. Key in this process was our ability to build a team of designers and animators across different time zones. The team almost span the entire globe.

With that structure in place, we were able to work at continuous pace and be flexible and dynamic enough to account for changes. When the team was not working on the project, the client reviewed to progress, that we then addressed the same night.

This way we truly created a 24 hour production pipeline.

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