Interxion x Ciena Managed Wave

“As the digital economy continues to grow, our customers expect reliable, secure, and cost-effective connectivity solutions to provide the best possible service to their end users.”

With this sentence the voice-over introduces one of the biggest needs for humans now and in the future: more, better, and faster data connections. Today’s demand for data is growing at such a rapid pace, and that demands smarter solutions than just bigger data centers and faster servers. Ciena and Interxion are introducing a solution that takes things a step further: connecting data centers. Instead of redirecting a connection request to a different server, they connect it to an entirely different building! This service is called Metro Connect Managed Wave and runs on ultra-high speed 10GE and 100GE connections, of up to 400Gbps.

To introduce this state-of-the-art service Interxion and Ciena needed a campaign that communicated the need, features, and benefits of this service in a clear and compelling way. The idea was to take potential buyers on the journey that data travels and that is familiar to them, while trying to spark their passion for the digital era.

The campaign runs online on channels that potential buyers visit. It comes in multiples languages and we have produced different videos for different locations and situations.

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