CBRE Occupancy Management 3D Animation

As one of the biggest commercial real estate investors and service providers in the world CBRE is very aware of changes in the market. They understand like no one else how the market changes and what those changes mean for the commercial real estate industry.

To create awareness for those changes and, more importantly, show what CBRE does to address them, we helped create an attention grabbing animation that combines 3D and 2D elements. The video tells the story of how commercial real estate has changed since the pandemic and what the influence is on occupancy management.

The choice for animation and combining 3D and 2D elements, over other forms of video made sense. It grabs the viewer’s attention quickly because it does not look like most videos. It also perfectly visualizes how offices can change and what that means for occupancy management.

From the longer hero animation, we created two shorter videos with a 1:1 aspect ratio. These shorter videos work as social cuts on social media platforms. CBRE is mainly active on LinkedIn, so it made sense to go with the 1:1 aspect ratio, as that works best on this platform. Both social cuts emphasize one of the points made in the longer animation.

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