BITTREX Online Ad Campaign

Longtime agency partner WE Worldwide created a brilliant campaign for their client, online crypto trading platform Bittrex. The video ads for this campaign got awarded with a Silver ADDY at the American Advertising Awards, 2 Gold VEGA Awards and a Gold and Silver NYX Award.

In the campaign billboards and other OOH media showed tag lines in which some letters were replaced by custom designed symbols (ciphers). Based on the message you were able to figure out what letters the symbols represented. After seeing multiple messages, you were able to create a word using the deciphered letters, that lead to a discount on the Bittrex platform. In short, the campaign was a modern-day treasure hunt for adults. The cipher designs created a strong visual relation between the Bittrex brand and the mathematical premise of blockchain platforms and crypto currencies.

Bittrex Logo Animation LARGE

A multi-channel online video campaign was created to support the OOH treasure hunt. Inspired by Bittrex’ previous outings and the cipher symbol designs we helped WE Worldwide create a symbol alphabet and logo animation that visualized the idea of the treasure hunt. Using the animated symbol alphabet and logo, we then produced a series of 16:9 and 9:16 video ads to support the campaign on different platforms. The video campaign ran on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube.

Bittrex Logo Cipher Design

Different cuts and versions were created for use on different platforms. 30 second and 15 second 16:9 widescreen versions lived on Reddit, Twitter and Facebook. And served as pre-roll ads on YouTube. 9:16 versions of the same ads were produced for Instagram and Snapchat. These ads had a stronger focus on the target audience and justification of the platform.

As a second direction, a series of eight persona videos were created with a strong focus on just the cipher treasure hunt. These short video ads used a twist on known expressions and phrases with a link to investing.

Above is an example of a 30 second 16:9 cut. Below are two 9:16 examples of the eight persona videos that have a focus on the cipher treasure hunt. The example on the right is a 15 second 9:16 cut of an ad with the focus on the target audience and product.

Below are the remaining 6 persona videos, 3 in 16:9 aspect ratio and the remaining 3 in 9:16 ratio.

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