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By adding a video to your website and landing page you increase the conversion rate by up to 80%. This works exceptionally well for product and brand videos.
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Choreograph product video
Berkeley Lights brand story

You can do so much more

Produce product and brand videos and turn those into content packages that you can use for different goals and on various platforms and channels, over and over again.
This works exceptionally well with animated videos. They stand-out from filmed videos and are the perfect form to communicate complex and abstract products and ideas.

Join Microsoft in leveraging video content

Microsoft uses animated video and content derived from that, such as video cuts, GIFs and stills for social media and internal platforms. This works really well for a software company like Microsoft, as animation and graphics are the best way to communicate complex information and market software-based services.

Microsoft logo color WebP
Microsoft ORA comm video

Main video (hero)

Microsoft ORA comm video

Teaser (social cuts)

Microsoft ORA GIF 01


Microsoft ORA still 01 full


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