Shell Recharge Solutions: Increasing ROI

The Client

Shell Recharge Solutions, formerly known as NewMotion, owns and operates one of the largest EV charging networks in Europe. To power this network, they developed their own charging technology and custom charging units. They operate both a public charging network and sell units that can be placed at business locations, or your home.

Shell Recharge Solutions logo

The Challenge

Shell Recharge Solutions’ support desk was experiencing a high request volume from maintenance personnel, who needed help with specific knowledge around setting up and configuring EV charging units. They needed a solution that would reduce the number of requests and thus save money.

The Solution

We had a solution for this problem right away: interactive video. Video can easily visualize solutions for the most common questions and problems in a very clear way. By making video interactive, personnel can quickly look up the explanation of their specific issue and view the solution in action, while they are on a job.

NewMotion Interactive 3D Animation Still

The Result

The result is an interactive 3D animation, that maintenance personnel can use to look up and view common questions and solutions in action, without having to contact the support desk. This video runs offline on a tablet and can be viewed anywhere. The animation has been localized in a variety of languages for local markets. Our solution has helped to lower the support request volume by 34%.


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