JoVE: Localizing Thousands of Videos at Once

The Client

JoVE is the world’s leading producer and provider of scientific educational video content. Their¬†mission is to improve scientific research and education. Millions of scientists, educators and students at thousands of universities, colleges, hospitals and biopharmaceutical companies worldwide use JoVE for their research, teaching and learning.

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The Challenge

JoVE produced a new video training series covering a selection of concepts in biology and chemistry, with a total of 630 videos. Their partner EVS Translations was looking to have these videos localized into 7 languages. The timeline was very clear: as soon as possible. Having to produce over 4,400 deliverables, that presented an exciting challenge for us.

The Solution

We found the solution in one of our biggest strengths: collapsing the production process to increase speed. We used multiple voice artists for each subject, while maintaining consistency across videos. And combined recording and editing with creating the subtitles for each language.

The Result

To manage the process of recording and editing 4,400+ videos we designed a tailor-made workflow and project management structure. The workflow helped us to produce and handle quality control in one continuous and smooth process. That process enabled us to deliver on time and on point.

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3 months

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7 languages

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600+ unique videos

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4,400+ deliverables


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