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IGN Every Ever

Iconic gaming website IGN, the leading provider of high-quality content on gaming, movies, music and more, was approached by Facebook to revamp their legendary Every Ever series. The show’s typical format captures everything there’s to know on extensive topics such as the stories behind all X-Man characters, every Sith that ever appeared in a Star Was movie, or explains the complete Metal Gear Solid game series.

To help launch the new Facebook Watch platform, we produced an Every Ever episode: Every Mario Game Ever. Being accurate is very important for the format and with about 100 games that would be easy. After realizing Mario appeared in over 220 games, everything changed. It became the longest Every Ever episode ever produced and reached over 1.6 million views on multiple platforms.

After Mario’s extensive game series IGN asked to produce another Every Ever episode, branded by Gillette., to welcome the release of DC’s Justice League movie. It covered all 120+ members that ever had the chance to be part of the well-known league. With a production time of less than two weeks, the episode was ready just in time for the movie’s opening weekend.